Black-Owned Food Spots in Durham

One of my favourite pastimes is trying out the many new restaurants and food spots in Durham’s continuous changing food scene. As the demographics change, overtime so does my need to venture out to Scarbrough, Toronto, Markham or North York […]

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Semi-Furnished Impact

I sit in my semi-furnished apartment in Whitby collecting my thoughts each night The day winds down, I turn on the living room light and I’m surrounded by white walls that bounce my movements and the ideas in my head [...]

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The Duality of Black Excellence

I am writing this on WOCDC's fourth anniversary, and there is this sense of pride in knowing how far we have come over the years. My story is one I have shared in spaces before but perhaps haven't given myself or you the whole picture. I started WOCDC in a place of survival. […]

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Black Girl Magic

Growing up, it was hard for me to “own my blackness”. Although I am of African and Caribbean descent on both sides of my family, with a black dad and an Arab/mixed mother, my appearance doesn’t always get claimed as “black” […]

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Black Rest is Black Excellence

For a while, I felt motivated enough to keep pushing myself beyond my capacity. I wanted to be recognized for my hard work ethic, so I would be taken seriously & respected. But it didn’t take long for burnout to creep up on me. […]

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Cooking Up Curiosity in The Kitchen

Solange playing in the background as the smells of ginger, turmeric and coconut fill the air with warm, goodness and comfort. Along with the sizzle of sweet plantain frying in the pan. Whether you were cooking in real time or simply watching, our workshop - (Plan)tain: Cooking up Curiosity in the Kitchen delved into the multifacetedness of [...]

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Meet Our Founder – Brianna Nelson

I’m Brianna Nelson and I am the Founder of WOCDC. In my personal life, I am a 23 year old black womxn who enjoys anime, food, creative writing, cats and music. In my professional life, I am a community builder, youth worker and youth engagement specialist. In getting to know WOCDC and the community we have developed within our team, I wanted to [...]

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