Black-Owned Food Spots in Durham

February 28, 2023

Kiana Bonnick

One of my favourite pastimes is trying out the many new restaurants and food spots in Durham’s continuous changing food scene. As the demographics change, overtime so does my need to venture out to Scarborough, Toronto, Markham or North York. 

In the theme of BHM, I wanted to highlight some of the many Black-owned places in Durham next time you want to grab a quick bite or a sweet treat.

Location: 41 Harwood Ave S Unit 5, Ajax, ON L1S 2B8

Cuisine: Jamaican

Offers: Vegan, Vegetarian and Pescatarian options

Many of us, whether of Caribbean heritage or not — grew up eating or ‘nyam’ Jamaican patties. The beloved snack that was almost banned in Canada in 1985, can be enjoyed in over 7 types of patty or stuffed at this small yet mighty shop.

Located on the corner of Harwood S & Doric St, Patty Gyal opened in 2020 and specializes in patties, wraps, soup or porridge (on the weekends) and carries a variety of drinks; from fresh fruit juices to Ting and the popular Kola Champagne. If you want, you can have your patty stuffed with all the work to take it from a snack to more of a lunch.

Trying most of the different types offered, my personal favourites are callaloo and spicy beef.

Just make sure that you go early before they run out! 

Location: 116 Athol St, Whitby, ON L1N 3Y9

Cuisine: Chocolate 

If you’re a chocolate lover or want something sweet this is the place for you! The chocolatier, Kenesha Lewis infuses her Jamaican heritage in her company – from the name taking inspiration from the Jamaican proverb “One, One Cocoa Full Basket” (means taking things one step at a time and eventually we will get where we want to) to her gourmet chocolate bars and handcrafted bonbons. 

Opened in 2021, you popped in to try any of her 18 chocolate bar flavours or create your own custom Chocolate Bonbox (a sweet gift idea). If you’re unable to visit the Downtown Whitby location, you can also order online and have your sweet shipped to your door. 

I wasn’t able to try the bonbons which come in 10 flavours, but I did enjoy the Hazelnut Milk Chocolate and planned to try the Caramel + Popcorn.  

*This blog post was not sponsored