Our Philosophy

WOCDC is informed by an intersectional framework. This means we believe that BIWoC, in all of our diversity, experience multiple, interlocking systems of oppression, and as a result, we hold the knowledge to both recognize and dismantle these systems.

At WOCDC, we aim to approach our activism in Durham Region with and from this place of knowledge. In other words, we know that we are not “just” people of colour or “just” womxn – as BIWoC, and in all the other ways we self-identify, we are whole people who see, experience and know.


Our Approach

WOCDC aims to create spaces that honour and recognize the power of our knowledge and the fullness of who we are. For more information on how intersectionality informs our work, check out the resources below.

WOCDC Policies

Our policies provide guidelines for members, visitors and participants of WOCDC programs and events to support the creation of supportive spaces for BIWoC in Durham Region, Canada.


Within our programming, it is imperative that we utilize language that not only supports the various identities within the room, but language that is accessible to all and does not in any way, shape or form belittle, bar or attack any member within our spaces. With this being said, within WOCDC we utilize inclusive vocabulary and we encourage all folks within our spaces to do the same.

Our Core Values

  •   Representation
  •   Diversity & Inclusivity
  •   Collaboration & Connectivity  
  •   Positivity
  •   Integrity
  •   Continuous Innovation

Our organization represents the community we are serving. Our team consists of young womxn of colour who want to improve the social environment in Durham Region.

  Diversity & Inclusivity

We seek to build equitable and inclusive spaces for Black, Indigenous and other self-identified womxn of colour (BIWoC) who may feel marginalized, unsupported and unheard. We hope to create spaces where their interests and experiences are given the awareness, recognition and attention they deserve.

  Collaboration & Connectivity  

At WOCDC, we want to collaborate and partner with a variety of community stakeholders in order to foster a strong and interconnected network.


We acknowledge and celebrate our differences at WOCDC. We strongly believe that through community development and engagement we can drive impact and create positive change in the lives of BIWoC.


Honesty and transparency are extremely important to us at WOCDC. We take full accountability for our actions and how they may be perceived and we understand that our actions may come with both intended and unintended outcomes.

  Continuous Innovation

As an organization we will continue to better ourselves by engaging with and learning from our community in order to make the necessary changes we need to better reflect their interests, voices, and experiences.