What We Do

Pillar # 1


Given the lack of opportunities and spaces available for BIWoC to meaningfully “connect” in Durham Region, Canada, WOCDC aims to provide networking and socializing opportunities by hosting social events and meetups.

Community Events Calendar

A place where we highlight upcoming conferences, workshops, networking events and socials in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for BIWoC in Durham Region, Canada.

WOCDC Meetup Series

As an organization, we seek to connect womxn of colour in meaningful ways by providing them with opportunities to meet new folx in safe and inclusive environments.

Community Care Sunday

Using our virtual platform on Instagram to encourage self-care, connections and collaboration through our "Community Care Sunday" live chats.

Womxn Wednesday Social

Our annual networking event for womxn of colour in our community to connect with each other in a meaningful way.

Pillar # 2


We aim to "create" a safe space for BIWoC in Durham Region, Canada, by encouraging and helping them to comfortably navigate their everyday lives with our blog and online resource hub, and inspiring them to express themselves.


Our Confabs are an open and safe space for community members to unpack, learn, unlearn and express our thoughts on topics of interest, local and global issues.

HUE Photo Series

Our HUE: Honouring Unapologetic Expression photo series highlights the beauty of Durham Region, Canada and focuses on rebuilding or creating connections to various spaces for BIWoC.

Create Blog

Our online blog and resource hub is rooted in personal exploration and community development. It is a space for BIWoC to build, create and explore.

Pillar # 3


By “cultivating” projects, workshops, and other engagements, we want the voices of BIWoC in Durham Region, Canada, to be heard and their stories to be told, so we can shift the narrative and create real change in our community.


Coming soon!


Coming soon!